A little about me. . .

From a very young age, I was enamored by books. I loved stories, read them voraciously; however, writing them came later. As a teen, my English teacher hated the first 'real' story I wrote. I shifted my focus to poetry.

My on-again-off-again relationship with poems ebbed and flowed throughout adulthood. I wrote them, shelved them, forgot about them, revisted them, and continued the process while I went about daily minutiae. As I wound my way through life, priorities changed along the road. An unending laundry list of responsibilities all needed a piece of my time: a spouse who shared my future, children who needed to be raised, employers who demanded my allegiance, housework that never stayed done, bills that had to be paid, plus so many more things for which I was perpetually accountable.

But my heart always returned to the passion I sustained for the written word. In the nineties, I joined a creative writing group, where I learned that I could write short fiction. Much to my surprise, one of those stories morphed into a novel when the characters decided they had much more to say. Time spent in the company of members of my writing group, Writer's Ink of Central Indiana, has been invaluable to my growth and development as a writer.

I have two published poems, and I ranked among the top 100 winners in the 1995 Writer's Digest Writing Competition in the Non-Rhyming Poem category. My first collaboration, Like Him with Friends Possess'd, with my co-author, Toni Cantrell, was released for publication on November 29, 2011 by Belfire Press.

Like all fellow travelers on Life's path, I wear many hats—often times, several concurrently. I rarely remove my Writer's hat, even in the shower. In addition to my literary persona, I attempt to live as normal a life as possible in this day and age. I make my home on a mini-farm in central Indiana. Upon the death of my husband in 2004, I abandoned the notion of maintaining livestock on the property. However, an ample supply of wildlife in the area continues to keep me entertained, and I frequently derive inspiration for writing simply by taking in the sights and sounds of nature.

During the day, I function as a secretary at a local university. Two sons (the older, married with a son of his own; the younger, still at home with me) and loving family members and friends—to whom I will be eternally grateful for not only their understanding and support, but also for sharing me with the characters whose stories I write—are true blessings. And I'm thankful they haven't seen fit to have me committed since I insist that my characters are real people who converse, argue, laugh, cry, and live their lives in my head. No matter where I am or what I do, my characters always go with me. They've become such a significant part of my life that I've even considered getting them their own car seat.