What's the Good Word?

What's the Good Word?

We writers always like to hear a good word or two about our work. Here are some of the things people are saying:

About Like Him with Friends Possess'd:

In an article on April 24, 2012 by Anderson University student, Tiffany Vega, an associate with Fifth Street CommunicationsTM:

Professor Inge Baird says,
"I loved the novel! It was intriguing and attention-grabbing. . .For me, what was really neat was that there was a big chunk of the story that took place on a farm. I could relate to that. The novel was very vivid in the respect that I felt like I was actually there and could easily visualize what was happening." 
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Five-Star Rating, Posted April 29, 2012 at Amazon.com
Not your typical love story

By berica1
Every time I picked up Like Him w/ Friends Possess'd I felt like I was becoming friends with the characters. It's an easy read that allows you to get lost in a story of love and and how two people can patiently wait for one another. This would be a lovely Hallmark movie!

Five-Star Rating, Posted February 20, 2012 at BarnesAndNoble.com
Forever those hurt by love
By lw
Two authors make for two tales of love. Ever enticing and ever forbidden,crossing the lines for survial and living verses crossing lines for selfishness, dominance and egotistical pleasure. It is an emotional read because husband, wife, friend, user or used you will identify with someone. You may not know will she, does he what would you do, until you get to the end.
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